Tuesday, March 28, 2006

SF Day 4: Quick Tropical Salmon Dinner - To Go!

I was munching on my bacon wrapped prawn salad at Scott's Seafood in Walnut Creek with Gra ce and my friend Peggy, when I found out what that I was preparing dinner for friends that evening out of my husband's malfunctioning corporate apartment kitchen. I had to decide here and now what to make so that Peggy could take us to Andronico's (think fancy schmancy grocery store) and we would take it back with us to the city via BART and trolley and 4 block walk, prepare it in that kitchen and convey over a 30 minute car trip to San Rafeal. The request for something light and low fat added to the challenge. After throwing ideas back and forth with Peggy (it doesn't hurt to have another personal chef with you!) I decided on Salmon on greens with a lime ginger dressing and tropical fruit.

The schlep back to the city was a lot longer than anticipated due to BART malfunctions so I was really glad that the butcher at Andronico's had given me a frozen gel pack to keep the food cool. Back at the apartment I chopped the mango, papaya and bagged them. I had also bought Muscat grapes and mandarin oranges in a light juice. Two bags of spring mix field greens completed the salad portion. A simple dressing of fresh lime, ginger and honey completed the dressing. We packed up and went. I broiled the salmon at the Marx's house drizzling with dressing, started on the skin side and turning over and basting again. The greens were piled on the plate, drizzled with dressing. The warm salmon were placed on top and surrounded with the tropical fruit - viola! no cooking in the apartment - and a low fat delicious dinner on the table in minutes. A Trader Joe's Key Lime pie with fresh whipped cream was an easy finish and kept with the tropical theme.