Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sol Food, San Rafael

Last night John and I had dinner at Sol Food, the new eat-in version of the take out stand on 4th. We had enjoyed a meal a few months ago at the take-out stand and wanted to visit the new eat-in restuarant. The building is painted bright green and easy to spot. The interior is very clean and nice. Communal tables along with individual tables share the space with window counters and a long counter along the food prep area. One wall is cleverly created with old doors. Drums sit high along a shelf high up on the walls and a plantain holds the napkins down on each table next to some very flavorful hot sauce.

I ordered the evening special of pork chops. 2 thinly sliced pork chops were nicely seasoned, served along side a pile of white rice covered in red beans and green olives. I had my choice of plantains - sweet or garlic and got both. My only complaint would have been that I could have eaten a few more of the pork chops - they were that thin!

John got the Bisteca Encebollado, which was thinly sliced grilled steak with onions. I am not sure he would order it again. The steak was very thin with not much flavor. He got the same side dishes as I did. He licked his plate clean, I might add and wouldn't let them clear it until he had eaten his last two bites of plantain.

My friend Bishlan has recommended the fish but they were out last night. Apparently it is not on the menu and you have to ask for it. We asked the host about it. One dish was a whole tilapia and the other was cod. I would like to try that next time.

We shared our table with some strangers who pretty much kept to themselves. The man had the shrimp in tomato sauce that looked pretty tasty but he didn't offer me any!

Everyone from the underage busboy to the hostess and bussers were very friendly. The place had a good crowd with almost every table filled. I will definately go back and try some other dishes, just not the beef!

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  1. Grace and I returned to Sol Food for lunch. We split a Cubano pressed sandwich and since we couldn't decide an order of mariquitas and maduros. The Mariquitas were thinly sliced plaintains, deep fried until crispy like a potato chip served with a tangy dipping sauce, kinda of like a spicy sweet mayo. We ate every last one and it will be high on my list when I next return. The Maduros are always good. Large pieces of sweet yellow plantains that come soft and warm to the table. The cubano was a traditional pressed sandwich of rosted thin sliced pork, ham, pickles, mustard and swiss cheese ona soft roll that has been flattened on the grill. It is a large sandwich and half is definately enough!