Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Prosperity Sandwich

I got a craving for a Prosperity Sandwich. They used to serve one at the Sheraton WestPort when I worked there as a waitress one million years ago. As I remember, it involved toast layered with ham and turkey, smothered with a mellow, creamy cheese sauce, topped with 2 slices of bacon and then heated. I looked online, and even though I went several pages into the search, I found only fond reminisces. It must be a St. Louis sandwich because the only references I found to it where about restuarants here. My daughter Grace has been on an "out of the ordinary" sandwich kick lately (she has been taking a fluffer nutter in her lunch) so she encouraged me to make it. I took two oven proof dishes and lined them with toasted bread. I used a whole grain wheat because that is what I had. I then layered Honey Roasted turkey from the Deli and some leftover Easter ham. I made a cheese sauce by cooking some flour and butter. I then added about a cup of evaporated milk. I let that cook and thicken a few minutes. I tossed in some cheese from the cheese drawer - some shredded cheddar and then a handful of mozzarella. I ladled the cheese sauce over the meats and toasts and sprinkled it with a couple strips of bacon I had chopped and thrown in the microwave to cook. I heated it in a 350 degree over for 15 minutes. It turned out very tasty. It was not the creamy smooth sauce that I remember but my guess is the original version may have been made with Velveeta or American. It was very smooth, not stringy and clingy like the cheddar suace.


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I'm formerly from the metro-east area & through scouring around the internet this sandwich is called a "Hot Brown" in other regions. Here is the recipe that I have lying around. Perhaps someone will make it & enjoy:

    Developed at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY, in 1920, the delight remains on the menu to this day.

    Preheat the broiler. divide among 4 gratin dishes:

    4 slices white toast, cut into quarters

    Top with, dividing the turkey evenly:

    8 oz thinly sliced turkey

    Pour over the top:

    1 to 1.5 cups Mornay Sauce

    Top with, dividing the ingredients evenly:

    8 slices tomato
    8 slices crisp bacon

    Broil until bubbling. Serve immediately.

  2. Christi1:21 PM

    The comments ARE working and you've inspired me to try this! We're having a "St Louis foods" cook-off in January so I have to see what I'm best at to ensure victory! (Gooey butter cake is this weekend.)


  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I am still searching for the recipe for Prosperity Sandwich made with turkey. Our dad took us to the Lennox Hotel in St. Louis on special occasions for this great meal.
    I remember it as being layered, first toast bread, then turkey, then asparagus, then bacon, covered with sharp cheddar cheese and then broiled, a large sandwich on an oval plate.
    I serve my family the above after having a turkey and they are in awe.
    But, I can't find the original recipe.