Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sugar Rush Part 2

I gave homemade marshmallows another try. I used a highly rated recipe from I read through all the reviews and chose which alterations I would make. Everything went great. It wasn't as messy as some of the reviewers said. I flipped over the pan after letting them sit and they popped out nicely. They cut easily and did not stick to the knife as I expected. I could even use a cookie cutter to make heart shaped ones. The marshmallows turned out perfect. They were big and fluffy and square. I was able to hand coat them in bittersweet chocolate which was my goal all along. My only problem was - they tasted just like marshmallows! I think I expected a loftier, grander, oh-my-God version of marshmallows when really all I got was a really fresh, nicely large marshmallow. The marshamllows dipped coated in really good bittersweet chocolate were pretty good. And the experience was fun, don't get me wrong, patting a large pan of soft white fluff and sprinkling with powdered sugar was very satisfying, especially after the earlier debacle (entitled Sugar Rush.)

Will I make them again? I will probably make them next December - they would make a nice gift packaged with some hot chocolate and people certainly ohh and ahh when you say they are homemade. Part of me i toying with the idea of making a batch of caramel and pouring it in a large pan then making a batch of marshmallow and pouring it over that, then cutting and coating with bittersweet. Sugar Rush Part 3?

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