Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farmer's Market Lunch

We went to the Evanston Farmer's market on Saturday. After a winter of hot house veggies and dark grocery store produce departments it's was like waking up from a winter's nap in a dark room to find yourself in the Garden of Eden! I wanted to buy everything I saw - the potted fig trees, the first cherries of the season, armfuls of greens and herbs, artisanal breads, bouquets and more. I restrained myself.

Okay, so maybe not totally restrained myself. I bought Grace the chilled young coconut that the guy lopped the top off and stuck a straw into. It was a amazing and brought quite a bit of attention from the other market goers - "hey where did you get that?" I bought a chicken mole tamale - tasty! I bought a huge bouquet of cheap dark purple gladiolas that are still making me happy. I bought a 6 inch strawberry rhubarb pie. And I actually bought some edible things to take home to make a killer lunch!

I made an open faced sandwich from a ten grain bread from an artisanal baker. I then spread a good covering of soft chevre from Wisconsin. A layer of thin slices of hoop house tomatoes, not quite summer tomates but pretty darn tasty, went on top of the goat cheese. A green layer of locally grown organic English cucumber thinly sliced added a nice crunch to the sandwich. Crisp red radishes added a little sharp bite. To top it off a sprinkling of garlic salt and a shower of baby arugula greens and radish greens to crown it. It made me happy to make it and to eat it!

I promise I will try next time to behave except they have this great...

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